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New Grants Available for Businesses in Bucks

By Bridget Knight - Parish Clerk Mentmore Parish Council

Wednesday, 10 June 2020


Mentmore Parish Council Contributor


Buckinghamshire Recovery Investment Fund

New grants of between £3,000 and £120,000 are now available to support
businesses in Buckinghamshire looking to invest in resilience, repurposing or
recovery initiatives as they prepare to overcome the challenges presented by the
COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis.

The Buckinghamshire Recovery Investment Fund, provided by Buckinghamshire
Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), is part of a coordinated support programme for
businesses, with Buckinghamshire LEP working closely alongside Buckinghamshire
Business First and Buckinghamshire Council.

Andrew M. Smith, Chair of Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, said:
“These grants are being made available to support any eligible business based in
Buckinghamshire who have started to make plans for how they can recover from the
current Covid-19 crisis and are looking at activity to ensure their recovery, future
resilience and growth. In addition, these grants are intended to complement those
national measures already in place, to support Buckinghamshire businesses during
this challenging time.”

Michael Garvey, Chair of Buckinghamshire Business First, added: “Over the past few
months we have heard from many Buckinghamshire businesses impacted by
COVID-19. We are working hard to do everything we can to support them through
these challenging times and help them not only survive but position themselves for
recovery. This new fund has been set up to provide support for local businesses
whose future viability has been adversely impacted, to support them to grow and
flourish post-COVID.” more…

Buckinghamshire Recovery Investment Fund: 2

Match-funded grants of between £3,000 and £120,000 are available to support
businesses with innovative projects that contribute towards any of the following: new
income streams / product development; improvements in productivity / profitability;
jobs growth; accelerated COVID-19 recovery; and future resilience.

Businesses must match-fund 25% of the total project value. For example, the
minimum project value which can be supported is £4,000 (the business invests
£1,000 and the grant can fund £3,000). The maximum grant value is £120,000
(meaning the match-funding required will be £40,000 for a project value of
£160,000 or more to achieve the maximum grant).
Grants are available to organisations that: meet the definition of a small and
medium-sized enterprise (SME); have two or more PAYE employees; are
registered in the Buckinghamshire LEP area; have not received over €200,000
of de minimis aid in the last three years; and were in good financial health prior
to 29 th February 2020.

For further details on these grants and an application form, please go to:

In addition, any business that is being affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus), or has
concerns about its future impact on business, can visit the website where the most up-to-date advice and support is available.

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