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The Parish Council generally meets every first Wednesday of even numbered months but this is subject to change.

The meeting dates are always displayed on the website as well as the parish notice boards in Mentmore, Crafton and Ledburn. 

Mentmore Parish Clerk: Mrs Bridget Knight  Email: [email protected]

Address: Mentmore Parish Council, Mentmore Village Hall, Mentmore, Bucks, LU7 0QF.

Mentmore Parish Councillors:

Parish Councillors: [email protected] will mail to all councillors and the Parish Clerk. 

Peter Brazier - Chairman [email protected]

Jonathan Langley - Vice Chairman [email protected]

Rob Fletcher - Councillor [email protected]

Iain Butler - Councillor [email protected]

Hannah Wrathall - Councillor  [email protected]

Tracey Mundy - Councillor  [email protected]

Ross Truscott - Councillor [email protected]

Ivinghoe Division Buckinghamshire Councillors:

Peter Brazier  - Councillor [email protected] (main point of contact for Mentmore Parish residents).

Chris Poll - Councillor [email protected]

Derek Town - Councillor [email protected]

All are welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings. Members of the press and public are permitted to address the Parish Council during Public Question Time at the Parish Council Meetings.  In the meantime should you wish to contact the Parish Council please contact Mentmore Parish Clerk.